Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

There are many variables that can cause deterioration of  your asphalt.  Over time, exposure to natures elements will cause the breakdown of your asphalt. Oxidation is the process which causes the asphalt to dry out due to sunlight and oxygen. This makes the asphalt fade, become brittle, and begin to crack. Over time, water will penetrate the asphalt through the cracks and saturate the base layer underneath resulting in rutting and potholes. Chemicals spilled onto the asphalt, such as oil and gas, will soften and start to breakdown the strength of the asphalt. Knowing what to do and when to do it is the key to maximizing the life expectancy. Properly maintaining your asphalt is usually the most cost-effective approach.

Seal Coating protects asphalt from the sun, rain, oils, and chemicals and will delay oxidation. The first application should be applied at the 1 to 2 year mark and every 2 to 4 years thereafter. It is not effective to seal coat old, severely oxidized and cracked asphalt. 

Mill & Overlay removes the surficial layer of oxidized and cracked pavement. A new surface layer is then laid over the remaining asphalt. Budget for overlays every 10 to 15 years. This option can help extend the life expectancy when done in time and correctly. However, it must be done while any cracks are confined to the upper (approximately 1 inch) layer of the asphalt.

If you have extensive damage to your roadways, the only option is reconstruction. This involves the removal of all pavement and often the underlying base layers due to extensive rutting and cracks that extend through the full thickness of the asphalt. 

A pavement evaluation is performed to determine the condition, remaining life, and maintenance options for your existing asphalt. One of our engineers will visually inspect the condition and select locations where cores will be cut. The cores are to determine the thickness of the existing asphalt pavement, base, and subgrade, and the depth of pavement cracks. This information allows us to determine if a mill and overlay will be sufficient or if reconstruction is needed. We prepare repaving specifications, assist in the selection of contractors, and help with the bidding process. During construction we perform inspections to monitor the construction and observe critical portions of the repaving. We also provide necessary testing to verify the quality of the materials and workmanship. 

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