Property Managers & Board Members

Engineering Services for Condominiums, HOA's,
& Commercial Associations

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Property Managers & Board Members

Velocity Engineering specializes in engineering and consulting services for condominiums, HOA’s, and Commercial Associations.

We can evaluate the current condition of your property, determine the proper scope of repair, prepare plans and specifications, obtain bids from contractors, and provide construction observation.

Geotechnical Engineering

Settlement Investigations

Investigation into why a structure is experiencing excessive settlement and evaluation of remediation options.

Sinkhole Evaluation

Underpinning & Remediation Design

Reserves, Turnovers & Property Assessments

Reserve Studies

Reserve studies are an essential part of the association budget process. Velocity will identify components of the common elements to be included in the reserve study and estimate the replacement cost, useful life, and remaining useful life of each component. Reserve studies can be prepared using either straight line or pooled accounting methodologies.

Turnover Studies

Monitoring the installation of pile foundation systems and documenting installation parameters. Pile foundation types include driven piles, augered cast-in-place piles, micropiles, and helical piers.

Facility Evaluation & Maintenance

Project Plans & Specifications

Velocity will determine the appropriate scope of work and prepare plans and specifications for your Association’s repair and maintenance projects. Engineered plans and specifications allow apples-to-apples bids to be obtained from contractors.

Bid Solicitation & Evaluation

Construction Observation

Concrete Restoration

Identifying and evaluationg areas of concrete deterioration and/or spalling in an existing building and determining the appropriate repair methodology.

Pavement & Roadway Consulting

Roof Consulting

Forensics & Building Sciences

Construction Defect Investigations

Investigating and documenting known or suspected construction defects. Typically performed in support of pending litigation.

Forensic Investigations

Investigation of the cause or causes of damage to or failure of a building, property, or component.

Expert Witness Testimony

Velocity has provided expert witness testimony for litigation relating to a wide range of engineering and construction related disputes.

Water Intrusion Investigation

Investigation of the source of water intrusion into a building. These investigations typically include a combination of visual inspection and water spray testing but may also require destructive investigation.


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Engineering the Future

Velocity combines extensive in-house expertise with an elite team of subconsultants and subcontractors to provide a wide range of engineering services.