Naples Sinkhole

Naples Sinkhole Velocity provided geotechnical consulting services for the remediation of a subsidence sinkhole that developed under a single-family residence in Naples. Prior to Velocity’s involvement in the project, the homeowner’s insurance company hired a remediation contractor to grout the sinkhole. Unfortunately, the contractor did not grout all the way down to competent soils and […]

South Fort Myers Sinkhole

South Fort Myers Sinkhole Velocity provided geotechnical engineering and consulting services for a sinkhole that opened up directly adjacent to a single-family residence in south Fort Myers just a few days before Thanksgiving 2020.  The sinkhole was approximately 8 feet in diameter and approximately 8 to 10 feet deep.   The police and fire departments responded to […]

Bonita Springs Lake Bank Collapse

Bonita Springs Lake Bank Collapse A section of lake bank that was under repair collapsed, undermining the pool deck and screen cage foundation of the adjacent residence. Velocity was contacted and responded on an emergency basis. The foundation was temporarily supported using wood blocking and bottle jacks until permanent repairs could be made. Helical piers […]