Naples Sinkhole

Velocity provided geotechnical consulting services for the remediation of a subsidence sinkhole that developed under a single-family residence in Naples. Prior to Velocity’s involvement in the project, the homeowner’s insurance company hired a remediation contractor to grout the sinkhole. Unfortunately, the contractor did not grout all the way down to competent soils and the weight of the grout injected caused the residence to settle even more.

When Velocity was contacted to assist in the remediation, there were horizontal cracks in the exterior walls of the structure as wide as 3 inches! Due to the failed grouting attempt it was then necessary to underpin the structure. Velocity worked with the insurance company and their engineer to develop an underpinning plan for the project that was acceptable to all parties. The final plan included helical piers both outside and inside of the residence. Once all of the piers for the project had been installed, hydraulic jacks were used to lift the residence back to its original elevation. Once the residence was safely supported, the remainder of the repairs to the residence could proceed.

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October 2013


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