South Fort Myers Sinkhole

Velocity provided geotechnical engineering and consulting services for a sinkhole that opened up directly adjacent to a single-family residence in south Fort Myers just a few days before Thanksgiving 2020.  The sinkhole was approximately 8 feet in diameter and approximately 8 to 10 feet deep.  

The police and fire departments responded to the scene.  The Lee County building department was contacted and the Building Official “red tagged” the residence, labeling it a Dangerous Building.  Velocity was contacted and we developed a plan for the temporary stabilization of the sinkhole.  On the Wednesday before thanksgiving, a concrete pump was used to fill and temporarily stabilize the sinkhole using “flowable fill”.  The Building Official then lifted the red tag allowing the residents back into their home to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday! 

Following the temporary stabilization, Velocity performed soil borings to determine the depths and extent of the sinkhole.  Velocity then designed an underpinning program to structurally stabilize the residence and a grouting program to permanently seal the sinkhole.  Velocity also developed permit documents and was on-site to monitor the underpinning and grouting programs.   

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June 2021


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