Saving for the Future One Brick at a Time Radio Show


Saving for the Future One Brick at a Time Radio Show This show aired on Fox News 92.5 FM’s show “The Boardroom” in September 2015.  Chris Pacitto of Velocity Engineering, Rayne McGreevey of Stromer & Company CPA’s, and host Travor Lutz discussed reserve studies and financial planning.   

Sinkholes in Southwest Florida


Sinkholes in Southwest Florida  Although they are not a common occurrence, sinkholes do occur in southwest Florida.  The largest and most notable sinkholes in southwest Florida are Leeland Lake in Lehigh Acres and Deep Lake in eastern Collier County.  Leeland Lake is approximately 400 feet in diameter, has been measured at 208 feet deep, and

The Role of Vendors in Reserve Studies


The Role of Vendors in Reserve Studies The purpose of a Reserve Study is to thoroughly evaluate the condition of the major Common Elements of an Association (the “Reserve Components”) in order to estimate their remaining useful life and replacement cost(s). These goals are typically achieved through a thorough site inspection performed by a qualified

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