Driller Apprentice

Geotechnical drilling consists of drilling into the earth to obtain samples of the soils and measure the density of the soils.  This is an essential task for evaluating the subsurface conditions at the project site in order to determine the type of foundation system needed for a new building.

This is an excellent opportunity for a candidate with a strong skill set but no relevant experience to learn a new trade and have the opportunity to advance quickly in their career.  This position would provide on-the-job training for the employee to learn to conduct geotechnical drilling operations.  Initially, the employee would be trained as a “driller’s helper” whose duties consist of helping the driller to perform geotechnical test borings, other drilling operations, and equipment maintenance and repair.  Once employee learns these initial duties, they would begin training to become a geotechnical driller so they can eventually operate a drill rig and supervise a drilling crew.

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:  

  • Driving Velocity’s drill rig(s) and/or support vehicle(s) in a safe and professional manner (CDL NOT required).
  • Assist lead driller with geotechnical drilling operations.
  • Learn to operate drill rig(s) and conduct geotechnical drilling operations.
  • Understand utility locate markings in the field and staking of geotechnical boring locations.
  • Assist with clearing operations for geotechnical investigations.
  • Perform maintenance and repair of drilling equipment, drill rig(s), and support vehicle(s) which will require basic mechanical knowledge of diesel and gasoline engines.

The ideal candidate would have the following qualifications:  

  • Clean Driving Record (Required).
  • Must be able to work outdoors in all climates.
  • Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds multiple times per day.
  • High school diploma or equivalency.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Strong math and science skills.
  • Desire to learn and advance their career.
  • Willingness to arrive at work early and on-time, and work late when necessary.
  • Have reliable transportation to/from work.
  • No experience necessary but should be a fast learner.
  • Additionally, experience with welding (MIG/ARC) and minor fabrication would be helpful but not mandatory.
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